2023 HAST Janet Oles LC Classi LCM

Meet Date: May 11, 2023
Hosted by: Utah Swimming

50 M Free

Girl 9-10

1stElizabeth Christensen10Utah Valley Aquatics36.74BB475
2ndElizabeth Wright9Hilltop Aquatic Swim Team41.99B357
3rdEmma Moir9Hilltop Aquatic Swim Team42.79B322

Girl 11-12

1stEmma Staskus12Park City Swimming31.25AA613
2ndMonika Wrona11Park City Swimming32.31A618
3rdSorcha Canning12Park City Swimming32.55A526
4thJune Johnson12Hilltop Aquatic Swim Team32.85A507
5thMatylda Urbanska12Cottonwood Heights Aquatics34.31BB416
6thEliette Haney12Hilltop Aquatic Swim Team35.27BB359
7thMayla Harward12Hilltop Aquatic Swim Team35.65BB337
8thMary Hansen12Hilltop Aquatic Swim Team36.04B315
9thSienna Schroeter11Park City Swimming36.08B385
10thMegan Dillon11Park City Swimming36.17B380
11thJane Ririe12Hilltop Aquatic Swim Team36.27B303
12thArianna Richins12Utah Valley Aquatics37.88B219
13thAbigail Luptak12Cottonwood Heights Aquatics38.54<B187
14thLyla Karlsven11Cottonwood Heights Aquatics40.45<B164
15thHannah Smit11Cottonwood Heights Aquatics42.17<B95

Girl 13-14

1stMallory Hemmert14Hilltop Aquatic Swim Team31.55A487
2ndMc Garlick14Hilltop Aquatic Swim Team31.60A483
3rdSarah Favero13Hilltop Aquatic Swim Team31.64A520
4thAlayna Simons13Hilltop Aquatic Swim Team31.65A519
5thEllie Sintay13Hilltop Aquatic Swim Team31.79A509
6thTegan Hoffman14Park City Swimming31.81BB468
7thAnastyn Kennard13Hilltop Aquatic Swim Team31.95BB497
8thSydney Bahr13Hilltop Aquatic Swim Team32.12BB485
9thTessa Reichner13Utah Valley Aquatics33.02BB422
10thSydney Guzman14Utah Valley Aquatics33.27BB367
11thCaroline Johnson13Hilltop Aquatic Swim Team33.44BB394
12thLogan Brick14Park City Swimming34.21BB307
13thMeghan Lemmons13Utah Valley Aquatics34.34BB336
14thAnnie Nelson13Utah Valley Aquatics34.41BB331
15thCharlotte Vandegrift14Cottonwood Heights Aquatics34.74B274
16thEllie Graham14Hilltop Aquatic Swim Team36.05B199
17thMarlo Erickson13Park City Swimming36.17B226
18thCharlotte Williamson14Hilltop Aquatic Swim Team36.39B180
19thBridget Smit13Cottonwood Heights Aquatics38.26<B120
20thTaylor Moulton13Hilltop Aquatic Swim Team39.43<B70

Girl 15-16

1stHaylee Tiffany16Hilltop Aquatic Swim Team29.13AA634
2ndAdaline Harding16Hilltop Aquatic Swim Team29.81AA580
3rdHannah Harris16Utah Valley Aquatics29.94A570
4thElla Comire16Hilltop Aquatic Swim Team30.47A530
5thSophie Topham16Hilltop Aquatic Swim Team30.53A525
6thKalia Hasselbach15Hilltop Aquatic Swim Team30.60A522
7thGrace Wilson16Hilltop Aquatic Swim Team30.75A509
8thKate Reichner16Utah Valley Aquatics30.97A492
9thAnna Klug15Park City Swimming31.24BB475
10thDelaney Dolan16Park City Swimming31.45BB457
11thLauren Biglow16Park City Swimming31.46BB456
12thEmma Bartholomew16Hilltop Aquatic Swim Team31.51BB453
13thKate Brower15Utah Valley Aquatics31.69BB442
14thAva Clegg16Hilltop Aquatic Swim Team31.87BB427
15thMckenna Andersen15Utah Valley Aquatics32.31BB399
16thBrinley Weight16Utah Valley Aquatics32.47BB385
17thIsabella Robinson15Hilltop Aquatic Swim Team32.88BB360
18thMimi Johnson16Hilltop Aquatic Swim Team33.94B289
19thTayte Swenson16Park City Swimming34.00B285
20thAnnabel Kim16Cottonwood Heights Aquatics34.60B249
21stEllie Long15Utah Valley Aquatics34.91B233
22ndKaylee Jarrett15Utah Valley Aquatics35.87B179
23rdTessa Bartlett16Park City Swimming36.09B165
24thRuby Neath15Park City Swimming36.60<B141

Girl 17-18

1stNia Vuniwai Turagavou17Utah Valley Aquatics28.93AA641
2ndDani Cannon17Hilltop Aquatic Swim Team29.47AA598
3rdKennedy Bennett17Hilltop Aquatic Swim Team29.76A576
4thEllie Boyer17Utah Valley Aquatics30.37A529
5thAudrey Weller18Utah Valley Aquatics30.75A500
6thAnnie Reichner18Utah Valley Aquatics31.15BB471
7thSophie Mottishaw17Utah Valley Aquatics33.47BB311
8thLily Hyde17Hilltop Aquatic Swim Team33.83B288

Boy 9-10

1stMilo Finkenthal10Utah Valley Aquatics36.17BB540
2ndJack Petersen10Hilltop Aquatic Swim Team38.48BB426
3rdLiam Knudsen9Utah Valley Aquatics39.76B469
4thTroy Mortensen9Utah Valley Aquatics42.62B341
5thKaleb Sayre10Utah Valley Aquatics42.70B236
6thTadhg Canning9Park City Swimming42.95B327

Boy 11-12

1stZander Christofferson12Hilltop Aquatic Swim Team30.40AA639
2ndTeon Sonomura12Utah Valley Aquatics30.43AA637
3rdDavis Chase11Hilltop Aquatic Swim Team32.39BB634
4thNate Goodliffe12Utah Valley Aquatics33.14BB470
5thKnight Palmer12Utah Valley Aquatics34.47BB392
6thMason Cadman11Park City Swimming35.70B443
7thTobey Streeter12Utah Valley Aquatics35.71B323
8thSebastian Loor11Utah Valley Aquatics35.86B434
9thHolland Hommes11Hilltop Aquatic Swim Team35.88B433
10thHunter Bennett12Hilltop Aquatic Swim Team36.07B303

Boy 13-14

1stSpencer Hill14Cottonwood Heights Aquatics27.57AA647
2ndBeck Johnson14Hilltop Aquatic Swim Team27.65AA641
3rdTali Leauanae14Utah Valley Aquatics27.86AA625
4thHarrison Bae14Park City Swimming29.05A536
5thShane Kahn13Park City Swimming29.85BB573
6thAsher Topham14Hilltop Aquatic Swim Team30.19BB454
7thAnton Nevarez13Hilltop Aquatic Swim Team30.38BB535
8thGavin Leishman14Utah Valley Aquatics30.80BB411
9thTommy Watts13Hilltop Aquatic Swim Team30.97BB494
10thNicholas Harper14Utah Valley Aquatics31.02BB396
11thMarco Refuerzo13Park City Swimming31.93BB429
12thOwen Platt14Utah Valley Aquatics32.11B323
13thJack Hurley13Park City Swimming32.30B404
14thConrad Easterly14Hilltop Aquatic Swim Team32.43B302
15thJames Sayre13Utah Valley Aquatics32.92B363
16thJake Combe13Hilltop Aquatic Swim Team33.12B351
17thConnor Hardy14Park City Swimming33.37B242
18thEli Lee13Hilltop Aquatic Swim Team35.29<B219

Boy 15-16

1stMason Hemmert16Hilltop Aquatic Swim Team25.71AA715
2ndLuan Barnard15Cottonwood Heights Aquatics26.51AA684
3rdJaime Taylor15Park City Swimming26.98A647
4thJeffrey Smith15Hilltop Aquatic Swim Team28.25BB549
5thKoen Smith16Cottonwood Heights Aquatics28.31BB510
6thJoshua Rohrbaugh16Utah Valley Aquatics28.34BB508
7thLincoln Burr16Hilltop Aquatic Swim Team28.68BB483
8thKanalu Singh15Utah Valley Aquatics28.92BB499
9thThomas Powers15Cottonwood Heights Aquatics30.19BB407
10thJason Dumas15Hilltop Aquatic Swim Team30.39B393
11thLiam Morgan15Cottonwood Heights Aquatics30.91B357
12thNathan Moehle15Cottonwood Heights Aquatics31.08B345
13thCody Su16Cottonwood Heights Aquatics31.11B309
14thZaak Palmer16Utah Valley Aquatics31.77B266
15thJacob Daniels16Hilltop Aquatic Swim Team31.88B258
16thJackson Ho15Park City Swimming32.47B254
17thTyler Pusey15Hilltop Aquatic Swim Team33.79<B173

Boy 17-18

1stSean Honey17Utah Valley Aquatics25.41AAA708
2ndDavis Miller17Hilltop Aquatic Swim Team26.87A590
3rdCharles Dvorak-Gleason17Utah Valley Aquatics27.28A557
4thNathan Anderson17Utah Valley Aquatics28.01BB501
5thGarrett Platt17Utah Valley Aquatics28.34BB476
6thDavy Hoyal17Hilltop Aquatic Swim Team28.60BB456
7thReef Yoked18Park City Swimming29.85BB363

100 M Free


200 M Free


400 M Free


1500 M Free


50 M Back


100 M Back


200 M Back


50 M Fly


100 M Fly


200 M Fly


50 M Breast


100 M Breast


200 M Breast


200 M IM


400 M IM

Things to know
These results are not official!
In the case that there are preliminary and final, we only keep one best record for each swimmer.
We use standard age groups to separate the meet results, like 8 & under, 9-10, 11-12,13-14, 15-16, and 17-18, which may not be the correct grouping used by the meet.