2023 CA SCSL Spring Meet #3 SCY

Meet Date: May 20, 2023

50 Y Free

Girl 8 & Under

1stDiana Calta8South Bay Swim Team34.72BB470
2ndVivienne Lai8South Bay Swim Team43.96<B60
3rdAlexa Pichardo8South Gate Aquatics Club46.45<B4
4thWendy Cervantes8South Gate Aquatics Club47.77<B1
5thHana Trejo8South Bay Swim Team50.86<B1
6thNayeli Herrera7Rialto Sea Turtles Swim Club52.01<B1
7thCamilla Hernandez6South Gate Aquatics Club54.43<B1
8thErene Abdelkoddous8South Bay Swim Team55.38<B1
9thBella Bastida7South Gate Aquatics Club59.90<B1
10thSydney Kintner6South Bay Swim Team1:08.41<B1
11thKerry Kim6South Bay Swim Team1:15.87<B1

Girl 9-10

1stSophia Munoz10South Gate Aquatics Club33.64BB399
2ndAbigail Contreras10South Gate Aquatics Club35.48B298
3rdYahaira Zuniga9South Gate Aquatics Club36.32B383
4thChristina Aguilar Valle10Lynwood Marlins Swim Team37.40B204
5thGuadalupe Landaverde10South Gate Aquatics Club37.66B192
6thVianey Diaz9South Gate Aquatics Club38.19B288
7thTabitha Morales9Lucky Duck Swim Team45.41<B23
8thJuliet Agostoni9South Bay Swim Team47.71<B1
9thSoraya Rodgers9South Bay Swim Team53.69<B1

Girl 11-12

1stSylvia Lopez11South Gate Aquatics Club29.64BB535
2ndValeria Rosas12Lynwood Marlins Swim Team30.22BB410
3rdNicole Velasquez12South Gate Aquatics Club30.59BB385
4thAlaiza Chavira11South Gate Aquatics Club31.46B410
5thAlexa Hernandez12South Gate Aquatics Club31.82B305
6thIsabella Esquivel11Lynwood Marlins Swim Team32.14B366
7thVicky Bados12Rialto Sea Turtles Swim Club33.21B223
8thReema Jendoubi11Lynwood Marlins Swim Team34.50<B226
9thAdalyn Besemer11South Bay Swim Team34.53<B225
10thChloe Nellman12South Bay Swim Team35.06<B126
11thSol Aragundi12Lynwood Marlins Swim Team35.46<B108
12thValeria Davila11Lucky Duck Swim Team36.01<B149
13thJustyce McDowell12Lucky Duck Swim Team37.22<B39
14thImani Herrera12Rialto Sea Turtles Swim Club37.44<B32
15thArabelle Kou11South Bay Swim Team42.51<B1
16thSydney Weatherford11South Bay Swim Team42.74<B1
17thGiuliana Morales11Rialto Sea Turtles Swim Club45.28<B1
18thHeblin Hernandez11South Gate Aquatics Club50.96<B1
19thJosephine Leung11Lucky Duck Swim Team55.67<B1

Girl 13-14

1stAmarilis Landaverde14South Gate Aquatics Club28.98BB380
2ndYaretzi Campos14South Gate Aquatics Club29.24BB361
3rdCamila Chavez13Lucky Duck Swim Team29.36BB405
4thAllison Miranda14Lynwood Marlins Swim Team29.55BB338
5thSkylar Hauck13South Bay Swim Team29.67BB382
6thSuri Nunez13Lynwood Marlins Swim Team29.68BB381
7thNayareli Sepulveda13South Gate Aquatics Club30.99B287
8thNicole Ujiiye13Lucky Duck Swim Team31.64B244
9thAllison Lopez13South Gate Aquatics Club32.13B213
10thJimena Perez13South Gate Aquatics Club32.23B207
11thFernanda Gonzalez13Lynwood Marlins Swim Team32.24B206
12thElla Agostoni13South Bay Swim Team34.87<B67
13thBriza Lopez13Revolution Aquatics34.89<B66
14thNatalie Gutierrez13Lynwood Marlins Swim Team36.02<B24
15thSarah Yonemura13South Bay Swim Team36.78<B4
16thDasha Carreno13Rialto Sea Turtles Swim Club38.71<B1
17thKamila Carrillo13Lynwood Marlins Swim Team39.81<B1
18thCamila Covarrubias13Revolution Aquatics40.64<B1

Girl 15-16

1stValeria Mora15South Gate Aquatics Club26.46A557
2ndRachel Quintanilla15South Gate Aquatics Club28.78BB366
3rdFabiana Del Pino16South Bay Swim Team30.94B211
4thKylie Huang16South Bay Swim Team31.49B176

Girl 17-18

1stAlexa Gonzalez17Lynwood Marlins Swim Team27.91BB418

Boy 8 & Under

1stSebastian Campos8South Gate Aquatics Club36.58B375
2ndJackson Paine7South Bay Swim Team41.10<B166
3rdFrancisco Diaz7Lynwood Marlins Swim Team47.89<B1
4thHunter Rose8South Bay Swim Team56.11<B1
5thCristian Forero8South Gate Aquatics Club1:03.28<B1
6thLouden Hart7Lucky Duck Swim Team1:03.92<B1
7thJonathan Yonemura8South Bay Swim Team1:04.78<B1
8thLeo Rodwick8South Bay Swim Team1:09.96<B1
9thIsaac Nishii6South Bay Swim Team1:28.30<B1
10thNirvik Gautam7South Bay Swim Team1:42.17<B1

Boy 9-10

1stSao Sett9South Bay Swim Team36.54B377
2ndJuanpablo Perez10South Gate Aquatics Club37.19B233
3rdJoshua Arevalo10Rialto Sea Turtles Swim Club39.11<B146
4thAsher Rea9South Bay Swim Team39.71<B226
5thEmmett Besemer9South Bay Swim Team39.83<B221
6thAngel Gonzalez10Lynwood Marlins Swim Team39.84<B115
7thMichael Herrera10Rialto Sea Turtles Swim Club40.12<B104
8thRaylan Jones9Lucky Duck Swim Team41.38<B154
9thJohn Yu10Rialto Sea Turtles Swim Club43.24<B3
10thLuca Nishii10South Bay Swim Team43.87<B1
11thNick Covarrubias10Revolution Aquatics50.05<B1
12thPeter Morales10South Gate Aquatics Club1:06.66<B1

Boy 11-12

1stJesus Landaverde12South Gate Aquatics Club26.11AA670
2ndAttila Varga12South Bay Swim Team29.80BB411
3rdAllen Miranda12Lynwood Marlins Swim Team30.92B338
4thDaniel Mendoza12South Bay Swim Team31.08B328
5thJayden Montenegro11Lynwood Marlins Swim Team32.00B396
6thFrank Galeana12South Gate Aquatics Club32.04B269
7thAlex Hernandez11South Gate Aquatics Club32.46B368
8thBrody Jimenez12Rialto Sea Turtles Swim Club32.94<B216
9thSamuel Forero12South Gate Aquatics Club34.34<B139
10thKian Rodd12South Bay Swim Team36.39<B44
11thBenjamin Arevalo12Rialto Sea Turtles Swim Club36.88<B25
12thZachary Yonemura11South Bay Swim Team36.98<B121
13thTeo Arnold12South Bay Swim Team37.82<B1
14thDominik Guglielmo11South Bay Swim Team43.73<B1
15thPeter Abdelkoddous11South Bay Swim Team44.40<B1
16thJohn Scholz11South Bay Swim Team45.04<B1
17thMacsen Rea12South Bay Swim Team47.37<B1
18thMorris Medrano12Lynwood Marlins Swim Team50.96<B1

Boy 13-14

1stEthan Huang14South Bay Swim Team25.59A514
2ndJacob Guerrero14Lynwood Marlins Swim Team26.02BB479
3rdDaniel Leyva14South Bay Swim Team28.26B303
4thJeffrey Sarat13Lynwood Marlins Swim Team29.85B270
5thLondon Jimenez14Rialto Sea Turtles Swim Club30.81<B129
6thCaleb Morales13Lucky Duck Swim Team31.01<B192
7thJoshua Herrera14Rialto Sea Turtles Swim Club31.16<B108
8thAaron Matula13Lucky Duck Swim Team32.09<B125
9thDiego Morales13Rialto Sea Turtles Swim Club32.82<B84
10thTaison Ikeda13Lucky Duck Swim Team33.02<B74
11thCarlos Castrejon14Lynwood Marlins Swim Team33.56<B1
12thRyan Young13Lucky Duck Swim Team33.89<B32

Boy 15-16

1stAdam Varga15South Bay Swim Team23.79A627
2ndMiguel Gonzalez15Lynwood Marlins Swim Team25.96BB440
3rdBruno Ponce15South Gate Aquatics Club26.26BB416
4thDiego Aranda15Lynwood Marlins Swim Team26.98B358
5thAngel Guerrero15Lynwood Marlins Swim Team27.25B337
6thNicolas Mendoza15South Bay Swim Team27.48B319
7thClaudio Aguilar Valle15Lynwood Marlins Swim Team28.76<B225
8thJulian Pina15Lynwood Marlins Swim Team30.58<B105

Boy 17-18

1stChristian Rocha17South Gate Aquatics Club26.14B344

100 Y Free


200 Y Free


1000 Y Free


25 Y Back


100 Y Back


25 Y Fly


100 Y Fly


50 Y Breast


200 Y Breast

Things to know
These results are not official!
In the case that there are preliminary and final, we only keep one best record for each swimmer.
We use standard age groups to separate the meet results, like 8 & under, 9-10, 11-12,13-14, 15-16, and 17-18, which may not be the correct grouping used by the meet.