2023 CA SBSCCARP March Novice (SCY)
Meet Date: March 12, 2023

100 Y FreeAlice Gillett7Santa Barbara Swim Club1:48.71N/AN/A
100 Y FreeRosemary Eckhart8Santa Barbara Swim Club2:04.94N/AN/A
100 Y IMWhitney Kaiser8Santa Barbara Swim Club2:13.37N/AN/A
100 Y IMAkela Killam8Santa Barbara Swim Club2:16.07N/AN/A
200 Y FreeAdam Gelman13Santa Barbara Swim Club2:15.14B283
200 Y FreeMax Gelman11Santa Barbara Swim Club2:24.71B415
200 Y FreeKevin Lopez Muzquiz14Santa Barbara Swim Club2:29.61N/A43
200 Y FreeNoah Pettit11Santa Barbara Swim Club2:58.28N/A38
200 Y FreeLaney Checketts12Santa Barbara Swim Club3:05.07N/AN/A
200 Y FreeOtis Eckhart10Santa Barbara Swim Club3:09.63N/A61
200 Y FreeWilliam Marinin12Santa Barbara Swim Club3:11.20N/AN/A
200 Y FreeKellem Habich10Santa Barbara Swim Club3:12.00N/A47
200 Y FreeBreyden Habich9Santa Barbara Swim Club3:16.18N/A111
200 Y FreeJacob Mintz12Santa Barbara Swim Club3:32.26N/AN/A
200 Y FreeParker Franzen10Santa Barbara Swim Club3:32.76N/AN/A
200 Y FreeMargot Sanchez10Santa Barbara Swim Club3:49.62N/AN/A
200 Y FreeHarper Read10Santa Barbara Swim Club4:12.17N/AN/A
200 Y IMKevin Lopez Muzquiz14Santa Barbara Swim Club2:44.27N/A77
200 Y IMAndrew Davies-Nunez12Santa Barbara Swim Club3:20.56N/AN/A
200 Y IMNoah Pettit11Santa Barbara Swim Club3:29.45N/A20
200 Y IMWilliam Marinin12Santa Barbara Swim Club3:31.93N/AN/A
200 Y IMOtis Eckhart10Santa Barbara Swim Club3:34.70B73
200 Y IMCharlotte Baer9Santa Barbara Swim Club4:04.47N/A19
50 Y BackMaybelle Hornblower11Carpinteria Aquatics Club39.70N/A189
50 Y BackKaimana Killam12Santa Barbara Swim Club41.61N/A51
50 Y BackJunius Fedders11Carpinteria Aquatics Club44.60N/A35
50 Y BackEllen Daly12Santa Barbara Swim Club45.03N/AN/A
50 Y BackGavin Gelman9Santa Barbara Swim Club45.47B230
50 Y BackOlivia O'Neil12Santa Barbara Swim Club48.36N/AN/A
50 Y BackJames Melton11Carpinteria Aquatics Club48.73N/AN/A
50 Y BackTessa Penrose12Santa Barbara Swim Club49.14N/AN/A
50 Y BackCharlotte Baer9Santa Barbara Swim Club49.73N/A82
50 Y BackLeanna White10Carpinteria Aquatics Club51.90N/AN/A
50 Y BackAndelyn Williams10Santa Barbara Swim Club53.79N/AN/A
50 Y BackAda Fedders7Carpinteria Aquatics Club54.06N/A3
50 Y BackAnton Herrera9Carpinteria Aquatics Club54.88N/AN/A
50 Y BackEvie Mayer8Carpinteria Aquatics Club55.04N/AN/A
50 Y BackAxton Pabico9Santa Barbara Swim Club55.73N/AN/A
50 Y BackJessica Menegon10Santa Barbara Swim Club56.39N/AN/A
50 Y BackSatya Zumalt8Santa Barbara Swim Club57.11N/AN/A
50 Y BackStella Penrose9Santa Barbara Swim Club58.21N/AN/A
50 Y BackRea Pfister9Santa Barbara Swim Club1:00.59N/AN/A
50 Y BackJacob Mintz12Santa Barbara Swim Club1:01.45N/AN/A
50 Y BackRyan Daly9Santa Barbara Swim Club1:04.12N/AN/A
50 Y BackKaryme Dominguez10Carpinteria Aquatics Club1:04.20N/AN/A
50 Y BackRosemary Eckhart8Santa Barbara Swim Club1:04.80N/AN/A
50 Y BackAlexandra Cooper10Carpinteria Aquatics Club1:05.34N/AN/A
50 Y BackHana Jarocki8Santa Barbara Swim Club1:06.64N/AN/A
50 Y BackEvelyn Sanchez7Santa Barbara Swim Club1:13.81N/AN/A
50 Y BackRyder Dudley8Santa Barbara Swim Club1:15.04N/AN/A
50 Y BackOliver Sanchez8Santa Barbara Swim Club1:22.19N/AN/A
50 Y BreastKeira Snodgress12Santa Barbara Swim Club47.12N/A49
50 Y BreastMichael Blat9Carpinteria Aquatics Club47.34B375
50 Y BreastKaimana Killam12Santa Barbara Swim Club47.65N/A35
50 Y BreastRachel Ransom9Carpinteria Aquatics Club48.63B350
50 Y BreastAndrew Davies-Nunez12Santa Barbara Swim Club48.82N/AN/A
50 Y BreastLaney Checketts12Santa Barbara Swim Club49.91N/AN/A
50 Y BreastValentina Cardenas10Santa Barbara Swim Club50.44B133
50 Y BreastJunius Fedders11Carpinteria Aquatics Club50.46N/A26
50 Y BreastFranklin Stewart10Carpinteria Aquatics Club51.96B84
50 Y BreastTessa Penrose12Santa Barbara Swim Club55.83N/AN/A
50 Y BreastJames Melton11Carpinteria Aquatics Club55.87N/AN/A
50 Y BreastAndelyn Williams10Santa Barbara Swim Club57.45N/AN/A
50 Y BreastSimone OFlaherty9Santa Barbara Swim Club58.89N/A36
50 Y BreastSamuel Pitterle9Carpinteria Aquatics Club1:00.38N/A4
50 Y BreastHarper Read10Santa Barbara Swim Club1:00.92N/AN/A
50 Y BreastMargot Sanchez10Santa Barbara Swim Club1:01.26N/AN/A
50 Y BreastStella Penrose9Santa Barbara Swim Club1:02.14N/AN/A
50 Y BreastAda Fedders7Carpinteria Aquatics Club1:03.29N/AN/A
50 Y BreastSamantha Walker7Carpinteria Aquatics Club1:04.51N/AN/A
50 Y BreastLuke Brown9Carpinteria Aquatics Club1:06.49N/AN/A
50 Y BreastAlexandra Cooper10Carpinteria Aquatics Club1:07.12N/AN/A
50 Y BreastFlorence Chandler8Santa Barbara Swim Club1:07.89N/AN/A
50 Y BreastOlivia Dresel-Velasquez8Santa Barbara Swim Club1:08.99N/AN/A
50 Y BreastFrancesca Bechtholdt9Santa Barbara Swim Club1:10.33N/AN/A
50 Y BreastAkela Killam8Santa Barbara Swim Club1:12.77N/AN/A
50 Y BreastRea Pfister9Santa Barbara Swim Club1:16.45N/AN/A
50 Y BreastJane Gillett9Santa Barbara Swim Club1:18.64N/AN/A
50 Y BreastEvelyn Sanchez7Santa Barbara Swim Club1:21.98N/AN/A
50 Y BreastOliver Sanchez8Santa Barbara Swim Club1:22.87N/AN/A
50 Y FlyMax Gelman11Santa Barbara Swim Club36.47B258
50 Y FlyKaimana Killam12Santa Barbara Swim Club37.80N/A147
50 Y FlyRachel Ransom9Carpinteria Aquatics Club38.56BB470
50 Y FlyMaybelle Hornblower11Carpinteria Aquatics Club40.61N/A91
50 Y FlyMichelle Wang11Santa Barbara Swim Club42.74N/A23
50 Y FlyMichael Blat9Carpinteria Aquatics Club43.74B197
50 Y FlyKeira Snodgress12Santa Barbara Swim Club44.99N/AN/A
50 Y FlyHazel Postma10Carpinteria Aquatics Club45.73B48
50 Y FlyLeo Shuman11Santa Barbara Swim Club46.03N/AN/A
50 Y FlyOtis Eckhart10Santa Barbara Swim Club46.50N/A13
50 Y FlyFranklin Stewart10Carpinteria Aquatics Club48.40N/AN/A
50 Y FlyKellem Habich10Santa Barbara Swim Club49.16N/AN/A
50 Y FlyLeanna White10Carpinteria Aquatics Club49.28N/AN/A
50 Y FlyGavin Gelman9Santa Barbara Swim Club50.29N/A12
50 Y FlyWilliam Marinin12Santa Barbara Swim Club50.63N/AN/A
50 Y FlyValentina Cardenas10Santa Barbara Swim Club50.81N/AN/A
50 Y FlySatya Zumalt8Santa Barbara Swim Club55.20N/AN/A
50 Y FlySamantha Walker7Carpinteria Aquatics Club56.76N/AN/A
50 Y FlyRea Pfister9Santa Barbara Swim Club58.45N/AN/A
50 Y FlySimone OFlaherty9Santa Barbara Swim Club59.20N/AN/A
50 Y FlyAlice Gillett7Santa Barbara Swim Club1:00.44N/AN/A
50 Y FlyJane Gillett9Santa Barbara Swim Club1:02.95N/AN/A
50 Y FlyWhitney Kaiser8Santa Barbara Swim Club1:03.71N/AN/A
50 Y FlyAkela Killam8Santa Barbara Swim Club1:04.70N/AN/A
50 Y FlyJessica Menegon10Santa Barbara Swim Club1:05.54N/AN/A
50 Y FlyRosemary Eckhart8Santa Barbara Swim Club1:05.94N/AN/A
50 Y FlyHarper Read10Santa Barbara Swim Club1:08.38N/AN/A
50 Y FlyAda Fedders7Carpinteria Aquatics Club1:08.58N/AN/A
50 Y FreeMadison Lee13Carpinteria Aquatics Club29.33BB408
50 Y FreeRachel Ransom9Carpinteria Aquatics Club32.62BB592
50 Y FreeAlena Ballat13Carpinteria Aquatics Club32.73N/A177
50 Y FreeMichael Blat9Carpinteria Aquatics Club33.13BB557
50 Y FreeMaybelle Hornblower11Carpinteria Aquatics Club33.39B289
50 Y FreeLaney Checketts12Santa Barbara Swim Club34.46N/A156
50 Y FreeAndrew Davies-Nunez12Santa Barbara Swim Club34.56N/A128
50 Y FreeNoah Pettit11Santa Barbara Swim Club36.19N/A140
50 Y FreeLeo Shuman11Santa Barbara Swim Club36.34N/A152
50 Y FreeMichelle Wang11Santa Barbara Swim Club37.98N/A65
50 Y FreeValentina Cardenas10Santa Barbara Swim Club38.06B174
50 Y FreeJunius Fedders11Carpinteria Aquatics Club38.26N/A64
50 Y FreeBreyden Habich9Santa Barbara Swim Club39.02N/A258
50 Y FreeTessa Penrose12Santa Barbara Swim Club39.33N/AN/A
50 Y FreeHazel Postma10Carpinteria Aquatics Club39.36N/A120
50 Y FreeEllen Daly12Santa Barbara Swim Club39.55N/AN/A
50 Y FreeJames Melton11Carpinteria Aquatics Club40.44N/AN/A
50 Y FreeCharlotte Baer9Santa Barbara Swim Club40.63N/A179
50 Y FreeSimone OFlaherty9Santa Barbara Swim Club40.74N/A174
50 Y FreeOlivia O'Neil12Santa Barbara Swim Club41.20N/AN/A
50 Y FreeFranklin Stewart10Carpinteria Aquatics Club42.60N/A18
50 Y FreeParker Franzen10Santa Barbara Swim Club43.44N/AN/A
50 Y FreeAxton Pabico9Santa Barbara Swim Club44.39N/A44
50 Y FreeJessica Menegon10Santa Barbara Swim Club45.11N/AN/A
50 Y FreeSamantha Walker7Carpinteria Aquatics Club45.92N/A13
50 Y FreeHallie Mayer10Carpinteria Aquatics Club50.33N/AN/A
50 Y FreeAndelyn Williams10Santa Barbara Swim Club50.42N/AN/A
50 Y FreeStella Penrose9Santa Barbara Swim Club50.86N/AN/A
50 Y FreeOlivia Dresel-Velasquez8Santa Barbara Swim Club52.30N/AN/A
50 Y FreeLuke Brown9Carpinteria Aquatics Club52.35N/AN/A
50 Y FreeAmelia Pitterle9Carpinteria Aquatics Club52.54N/AN/A
50 Y FreeEzekiel Guillen8Santa Barbara Swim Club52.83N/AN/A
50 Y FreeRyan Daly9Santa Barbara Swim Club52.87N/AN/A
50 Y FreeAnton Herrera9Carpinteria Aquatics Club53.49N/AN/A
50 Y FreeSamuel Pitterle9Carpinteria Aquatics Club53.63N/AN/A
50 Y FreeJane Gillett9Santa Barbara Swim Club54.35N/AN/A
50 Y FreeKaryme Dominguez10Carpinteria Aquatics Club54.35N/AN/A
50 Y FreeHana Jarocki8Santa Barbara Swim Club58.19N/AN/A
50 Y FreeAlexandra Cooper10Carpinteria Aquatics Club58.79N/AN/A
50 Y FreeKayla Myers6Santa Barbara Swim Club1:00.33N/AN/A
50 Y FreeRiley Keogh7Santa Barbara Swim Club1:02.81N/AN/A
50 Y FreeEvelyn Sanchez7Santa Barbara Swim Club1:05.86N/AN/A
50 Y FreeOliver Sanchez8Santa Barbara Swim Club1:08.89N/AN/A
Things to know
These results are not official!
In the case that there are preliminary and final, we only keep one best record for each swimmer.
We use standard age groups to separate the meet results, like 8 & under, 9-10, 11-12,13-14, 15-16, and 17-18, which may not be the correct grouping used by the meet.