Meet Date: August 27, 2022

50 Y Free

Girl 8 & Under

1stLillian McCartney8Tampa Bay Aquatic Club Country40.19N/A
2ndKaitlyn Bassford8Saint Petersburg Aquatics41.43N/A
3rdRhys Browning8Saint Petersburg Aquatics41.62N/A
4thElla Domeier8Saint Petersburg Aquatics42.24N/A
5thClare Baker8Tampa Bay Aquatic Club Country42.63N/A
6thHannah Barnes8Saint Petersburg Aquatics43.60N/A
7thGinger Nelson7Clearwater Aquatic Team45.60N/A
8thElla Diaz8Saint Petersburg Aquatics46.92N/A
9thRuby Nicol7Saint Petersburg Aquatics48.16N/A
10thViolet Gilbert8Saint Petersburg Aquatics1:00.95N/A

Girl 9-10

1stAnsley Bess10Saint Petersburg Aquatics30.17AA
2ndAddy Kieffer10Tampa Bay Aquatic Club Country30.44A
3rdSophie Spinale10Saint Petersburg Aquatics33.01BB
4thAvery Sica10YMCA Palm Harbor33.17BB
5thChristina Liu9Tampa Bay Aquatic Club Country33.31BB
6thLauren Mizeski10YMCA Palm Harbor33.87BB
7thValentina Ho9Saint Petersburg Aquatics34.09BB
8thMaddie Flanders9Cumming Waves34.89BB
9thAinsley Rettew10Saint Petersburg Aquatics35.73B
10thAnnabelle Galioto10YMCA Palm Harbor36.38B
11thSophia Norman10Saint Petersburg Aquatics36.70B
12thMikaela Halvorsen9YMCA Palm Harbor37.64B
13thAlise Minichino9YMCA Palm Harbor37.91B
14thMckenna Brice9Tampa Bay Aquatic Club Country38.04B
15thLucy Auld10Saint Petersburg Aquatics39.74N/A
16thAbigail Vuxinic9Saint Petersburg Aquatics40.20N/A
17thPiper Bozeman10Saint Petersburg Aquatics40.95N/A
18thNoura Khalil9Tampa Bay Aquatic Club Country41.17N/A
19thEverly Jordanov9Saint Petersburg Aquatics42.17N/A
20thAmilia Norman9Saint Petersburg Aquatics45.62N/A
21stSamara Hodge10Saint Petersburg Aquatics46.58N/A
22ndEmma Doyle9YMCA Palm Harbor47.26N/A
23rdLayla Ovadia9Saint Petersburg Aquatics48.14N/A
24thElizabeth Kowalik10Saint Petersburg Aquatics49.65N/A
25thAllison Grey9YMCA Palm Harbor50.50N/A
26thAddy Cuevas10Saint Petersburg Aquatics51.36N/A
27thFaith Crawford9Saint Petersburg Aquatics1:08.46N/A

Girl 11-12

1stAvery Christel12Tampa Bay Aquatic Club Country26.49AAA
2ndBrinkleigh Hansen12Saint Petersburg Aquatics26.71AA
3rdKarolina Tilky12Saint Petersburg Aquatics26.80AA
4thYlan Khalil12Tampa Bay Aquatic Club Country28.03A
5thCaymus Maxson12Saint Petersburg Aquatics28.74A
6thLilly Diedrich12Tampa Bay Aquatic Club Country28.85A
7thMaren McHugh12YMCA Palm Harbor29.82BB
8thHarper Sango11Saint Petersburg Aquatics30.32BB
9thCamila Espinosa11YMCA Palm Harbor30.60BB
10thIzzy Nishman11Saint Petersburg Aquatics30.65BB
11thKarina McSoley11YMCA Palm Harbor31.28BB
12thAviana Abraham-Gish11Tampa Bay Aquatic Club Country31.38B
13thRiley Rogers11Tampa Bay Aquatic Club Country32.40B
14thEmily Mack12Tampa Bay Aquatic Club Country32.78B
15thPeyton Lango11Tampa Bay Aquatic Club Country33.02B
16thSamone Pruitt12YMCA Palm Harbor33.02B
17thEvie Bates11Saint Petersburg Aquatics34.01N/A
18thZahara Delbrune11Saint Petersburg Aquatics34.40N/A
19thAddie Bassford11Saint Petersburg Aquatics34.57N/A
20thJessie Costantino12YMCA Palm Harbor34.68N/A
21stAngela Carpeta12Tampa Bay Aquatic Club Country34.70N/A
22ndAbby Lennon12Tampa Bay Aquatic Club Country34.84N/A
23rdSophie Guinn11Saint Petersburg Aquatics36.49N/A
24thFiona Buck11Saint Petersburg Aquatics36.55N/A
25thEve Whitaker11Tampa Bay Aquatic Club Country36.94N/A
26thLillian Klipp11Saint Petersburg Aquatics37.25N/A
27thHarper Camisa11Tampa Bay Aquatic Club Country37.60N/A
28thLeila Wallace12Saint Petersburg Aquatics39.88N/A
29thNico Donati11Saint Petersburg Aquatics40.86N/A
30thRachel Grey11YMCA Palm Harbor42.63N/A
31stChloe Wong11Lifetime Fitness Kansas53.53N/A

Girl 13-14

1stEllagrace Galioto13Piranhas YMCA Palm Harbor26.82A
2ndEmily Ross14Tampa Bay Aquatic Club Country27.37A
3rdLanna Bingaman13Tampa Bay Aquatic Club Country27.39A
4thPaityn Roberts13YMCA Palm Harbor27.49A
5thNatalie Lyme14Tampa Bay Aquatic Club Country27.56A
6thLexi Flanders14Cumming Waves28.06BB
7thAlexa Bartling13Tampa Bay Aquatic Club Country28.25BB
8thElisabeth Santana13Saint Petersburg Aquatics28.41BB
9thTaylor Marston13YMCA Palm Harbor31.48B
10thJulia Carpeta14Tampa Bay Aquatic Club Country31.54B
11thParker Johnson14Tampa Bay Aquatic Club31.60B
12thEmily Lyme14Tampa Bay Aquatic Club Country32.89N/A
13thLaine Petagna13Saint Petersburg Aquatics33.38N/A
14thEmily Roosevelt13YMCA Palm Harbor34.51N/A
15thEva Pilcheva13Saint Petersburg Aquatics34.94N/A
16thSophia Gallus13YMCA Palm Harbor38.51N/A
17thMaija Alksnitis13Saint Petersburg Aquatics41.58N/A

Girl 15-16

1stHailey Stargardt16Tampa Bay Aquatic Club Country26.91A
2ndJaid Leung15Tampa Bay Aquatic Club Country29.15BB
3rdAngelina Ossa15YMCA Palm Harbor30.20B
4thNoemi Tilky16Saint Petersburg Aquatics31.13B

Girl 17-18

1stSummer Cardwell17Tampa Bay Aquatic Club Country24.36AAA

Boy 8 & Under

1stAndrew Kovalev8Saint Petersburg Aquatics33.09BB
2ndLuca Ferrera8Saint Petersburg Aquatics33.83BB
3rdGrayson Descent8Saint Petersburg Aquatics40.68N/A
4thBrendan Childress8Tampa Bay Aquatic Club Country44.44N/A
5thLuca Millonzi8Saint Petersburg Aquatics46.21N/A
6thCole Gebicke8Saint Petersburg Aquatics50.14N/A
7thNicolas Janjus8Saint Petersburg Aquatics53.68N/A
8thMichael Kowalik8Saint Petersburg Aquatics59.53N/A

Boy 9-10

1stBenett Christel9Tampa Bay Aquatic Club Country29.82A
2ndJack Domeier10Saint Petersburg Aquatics31.27BB
3rdMichael McSoley9YMCA Palm Harbor31.63BB
4thBlake Kadlic9YMCA Palm Harbor32.70BB
5thDylan Hill10YMCA Palm Harbor33.75BB
6thKeola Kawaiaea9YMCA Palm Harbor34.58B
7thCaleb Armbruster10Tampa Bay Aquatic Club Country34.62B
8thThomas Weidner10Saint Petersburg Aquatics34.63B
9thLennon Varellan9YMCA Palm Harbor37.78B
10thAndrew Wheaton10Tampa Bay Aquatic Club38.15N/A
11thKyler Lango9Tampa Bay Aquatic Club Country38.66N/A
12thHunter Nelson9Clearwater Aquatic Team38.92N/A
13thWilly Rowe9Tampa Bay Aquatic Club Country42.20N/A
14thCooper Hyslop9Tampa Bay Aquatic Club Country43.45N/A
15thParker Jones9YMCA Palm Harbor46.47N/A
16thMerrick Pearson9YMCA Palm Harbor46.93N/A
17thTomas Barrios10Saint Petersburg Aquatics47.45N/A

Boy 11-12

1stChristian Guettler12Saint Petersburg Aquatics23.80AAAA
2ndLiam Schermerhorn12Saint Petersburg Aquatics24.86AAA
3rdLogan Coakley12Saint Petersburg Aquatics26.21AA
4thNolan Kurtz12Saint Petersburg Aquatics26.39AA
5thAaron Chung12Tampa Bay Aquatic Club Country26.86A
6thCobe Hehenberger12Saint Petersburg Aquatics26.97A
7thAlexander Kovalev11Saint Petersburg Aquatics27.44A
8thJoseph Finster12Saint Petersburg Aquatics28.70BB
9thNolan Childress12Tampa Bay Aquatic Club Country28.75BB
10thNate Flanders11Cumming Waves28.91BB
11thJack Draper12Saint Petersburg Aquatics28.94BB
12thNico Vila12YMCA Palm Harbor30.29BB
13thChristian Kalkwarf12Saint Petersburg Aquatics30.42B
14thJackson Kadlic11YMCA Palm Harbor30.75B
15thJude Mandakunis12Saint Petersburg Aquatics31.57B
16thJack Marshburn12Tampa Bay Aquatic Club Country31.92B
17thMichael Saenz11Saint Petersburg Aquatics33.01N/A
18thDane Pearson11YMCA Palm Harbor33.16N/A
19thConnor Cholewiak11YMCA Palm Harbor33.56N/A
20thWesley Arrington12Saint Petersburg Aquatics35.08N/A
21stNathaniel Tidwell11Tampa Bay Aquatic Club Country36.13N/A
22ndLuka Brkic11Saint Petersburg Aquatics37.07N/A
23rdSimon Zuppa12Saint Petersburg Aquatics39.69N/A
24thAmir Delbrune11Saint Petersburg Aquatics41.62N/A
25thAnthony Guzman11Saint Petersburg Aquatics42.64N/A
26thHawke Burri11Saint Petersburg Aquatics51.93N/A

Boy 13-14

1stBlake Schmidt14Tampa Bay Aquatic Club Country24.41AA
2ndMichael Leifer14Tampa Bay Aquatic Club Country26.21BB
3rdAndreas Mentis13Saint Petersburg Aquatics27.22BB
4thGeorge Kaltsounis13Tampa Bay Aquatic Club Country28.33B
5thHayden Griffith14Saint Petersburg Aquatics32.19N/A
6thDevin Xayalinh13Saint Petersburg Aquatics34.26N/A
7thOliver Kurtz13Saint Petersburg Aquatics35.19N/A
8thMiles Krauss14Saint Petersburg Aquatics40.83N/A

Boy 15-16

1stOr Smirnov15Tampa Bay Aquatic Club Country30.09N/A

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Things to know
These are not official results!
In the case that there are preliminary and final, we only keep one best record for each swimmer.
We use standard age groups to separate the meet results, like 8 & under, 9-10, 11-12,13-14, 15-16, and 17-18, which may not be the correct grouping used by the meet.