2022 FG SoFlo and TYR Back to School Developmental (SCY)
Meet Date: August 27, 2022

50 Y Free

Girl 9-10

1stAmber Connor10South Florida Aquatic Club32.59BB
2ndSofia Rufeev10South Florida Aquatic Club32.76BB
3rdPaige Fleming10South Florida Aquatic Club34.44BB
4thLuna Varela10Metro Aquatic Club of Miami34.92BB
5thMia Rop10South Florida Aquatic Club35.78B
6thKaren Iino10South Florida Aquatic Club37.13B
7thGabriela Ekht10South Florida Aquatic Club37.81B
8thSavanna Alonso9South Florida Aquatic Club41.60N/A

Girl 11-12

1stJoanna Valdiviezo11South Florida Aquatic Club31.77B
2ndMarlena Groves12South Florida Aquatic Club32.06B
3rdDanielle Brancati12South Florida Aquatic Club33.50B
4thSofia Martinez11South Florida Aquatic Club35.00N/A
5thDevy Otero11South Florida Aquatic Club35.70N/A
6thCarolina Carrera11South Florida Aquatic Club35.74N/A
7thEva Ortiz11South Florida Aquatic Club35.74N/A
8thKourtney Eargle11South Florida Aquatic Club36.12N/A
9thZiyu Pan11Cooper City Cyclones Swim Team37.77N/A

Girl 13-14

1stShantal Teran H.13SwimFast31.12B
2ndSophy Avila14South Florida Aquatic Club31.39B
3rdGabriela Marin13South Florida Aquatic Club31.43B
4thJiana Connor14South Florida Aquatic Club35.66N/A
5thIsabella Callaway Coy13South Florida Aquatic Club35.80N/A

Girl 15-16

1stKaitlyn Sanchez15SwimFast31.26B
2ndHaley Garcia15South Florida Aquatic Club31.50B
3rdCecilia Buzzelli15South Florida Aquatic Club35.26N/A
4thDominique Balli16South Florida Aquatic Club35.48N/A
5thAdriana Pichardo15SwimFast36.21N/A

Boy 9-10

1stHayden Abrahamson10Cooper City Cyclones Swim Team32.77BB
2ndMikey Barber10South Florida Aquatic Club32.86BB
3rdSean Tee9South Florida Aquatic Club33.76BB
4thNiccolo Miccolis9South Florida Aquatic Club34.00BB
5thRoy Alvarez10Metro Aquatic Club of Miami34.08BB
6thLuis Escobar10South Florida Aquatic Club34.28BB
7thGabriel Ferrer9South Florida Aquatic Club35.68B
8thLeonardo Zuluaga9South Florida Aquatic Club37.67B
9thZiggy Sweizer10Azura Florida Aquatics39.69N/A
10thGordon Liu9SwimFast42.01N/A
11thKalel Carrera10SwimFast43.80N/A
12thSeb Schumann10South Florida Aquatic Club52.11N/A

Boy 11-12

1stMarcel Cowley12Metro Aquatic Club of Miami29.95BB
2ndGabriel Soto12Cooper City Cyclones Swim Team30.23BB
3rdAiden Delgado12South Florida Aquatic Club30.89B
4thRafael Naranjo11South Florida Aquatic Club31.10B
5thJonathan Li11South Florida Aquatic Club31.33B
6thMichael Shy12Cooper City Cyclones Swim Team31.63B
7thDylan McVeigh12South Florida Aquatic Club32.08B
8thReynaldo Manzanarez11South Florida Aquatic Club32.26B
9thAntonio Rico11South Florida Aquatic Club32.27B
10thKekoa Grossi11Cooper City Cyclones Swim Team32.57B
11thBenjamin Liss12South Florida Aquatic Club32.91N/A
12thSamuel Rico11South Florida Aquatic Club33.82N/A
13thZacc Carrera12SwimFast34.32N/A
14thDavid Gonzalez11South Florida Aquatic Club34.33N/A
15thMario Guillot11Metro Aquatic Club of Miami35.09N/A
16thPedro Di Napoli12South Florida Aquatic Club38.63N/A
17thJackson Puntervold11South Florida Aquatic Club38.72N/A
18thAlexander Laughton12South Florida Aquatic Club38.96N/A
19thAdrian Plotnikov12South Florida Aquatic Club40.01N/A
20thTerrence Cheung11South Florida Aquatic Club41.64N/A

Boy 13-14

1stJustin Campos14South Florida Aquatic Club26.74BB
2ndKenny Paas14South Florida Aquatic Club26.84BB
3rdMartin Petkov13South Florida Aquatic Club27.44BB
4thDiego Reveron14South Florida Aquatic Club27.48BB
5thAlexander Rahman14South Florida Aquatic Club27.68BB
6thJoseph-blake Natino13South Florida Aquatic Club28.15B
7thJimi Buzzelli13South Florida Aquatic Club30.49N/A
8thZackary Gonzalez14Unattached30.71N/A
9thAston Claxon14South Florida Aquatic Club31.37N/A
10thGiancarlo Dasilva14Cooper City Cyclones Swim Team31.48N/A
11thMatthew Garcia14South Florida Aquatic Club37.31N/A
12thEmanee Quinn13South Florida Aquatic Club44.03N/A

Boy 15-16

1stBruno Martins16South Florida Aquatic Club26.58B
2ndXavier Hernandez15Metro Aquatic Club of Miami26.59B
3rdPablo Gomez15South Florida Aquatic Club26.61B
4thVictor Valdiviezo15South Florida Aquatic Club27.56B
5thJohn Wagner15South Florida Aquatic Club38.60N/A

Boy 17-18

1stNicholas Veeser17South Florida Aquatic Club27.28B

100 Y Free

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50 Y Back

100 Y Back

50 Y Fly

100 Y Fly

50 Y Breast

100 Y Breast

100 Y IM

Things to know
These are not official results!
In the case that there are preliminary and final, we only keep one best record for each swimmer.
We use standard age groups to separate the meet results, like 8 & under, 9-10, 11-12,13-14, 15-16, and 17-18, which may not be the correct grouping used by the meet.