2022 CC TNT Intrasquad meet (SCY)
Meet Date: August 27, 2022

100 Y BackAlexa Wong16Tule Nation Tritons1:02.99A
100 Y BackIvan Rodriguez13Tule Nation Tritons1:04.05BB
100 Y BackRylee Umscheid12Tule Nation Tritons1:14.29BB
100 Y BackMorgan Darpli13Tule Nation Tritons1:15.20B
100 Y BackMia Delatorre12Tule Nation Tritons1:22.97B
100 Y BackLily Lewis13Tule Nation Tritons1:25.41N/A
100 Y BackMalachi Lewis12Tule Nation Tritons1:26.17N/A
100 Y BackArleah Cruz17Tule Nation Tritons1:35.78N/A
100 Y BackKhloe Krumpelman9Tule Nation Tritons1:47.58N/A
100 Y BreastKody Kevorkian17Tule Nation Tritons1:08.49BB
100 Y BreastEmma Taylor11Tule Nation Tritons1:20.88BB
100 Y BreastIvan Rodriguez13Tule Nation Tritons1:21.63N/A
100 Y BreastMorgan Darpli13Tule Nation Tritons1:28.11N/A
100 Y BreastAllison Tos10Tule Nation Tritons1:36.75BB
100 Y BreastCamryn Weber12Tule Nation Tritons1:37.80N/A
100 Y BreastDylan Price13Tule Nation Tritons1:54.44N/A
100 Y FlyJosh Wee16Tule Nation Tritons56.01A
100 Y FlyAlexa Wong16Tule Nation Tritons59.64AA
100 Y FlyNathan Hunt17Tule Nation Tritons1:09.36N/A
100 Y FreeJosh Wee16Tule Nation Tritons49.88AA
100 Y FreeAva Olson17Tule Nation Tritons55.38AA
100 Y FreeNathan Hunt17Tule Nation Tritons59.88B
100 Y FreeDominic Bidart12Tule Nation Tritons1:01.98BB
100 Y FreeHayden Cardoza12Tule Nation Tritons1:02.93A
100 Y FreeMorgan Darpli13Tule Nation Tritons1:04.80BB
100 Y FreePeyton Martin11Tule Nation Tritons1:07.68BB
100 Y FreeCarter Christenson10Tule Nation Tritons1:08.66A
100 Y FreeIsabella Klawitter17Tule Nation Tritons1:08.74N/A
100 Y FreeKaitlyn Bean11Tule Nation Tritons1:08.95B
100 Y FreeMia Delatorre12Tule Nation Tritons1:09.54B
100 Y FreeLily Lewis13Tule Nation Tritons1:10.74N/A
100 Y FreeGabbi Castro11Tule Nation Tritons1:17.28N/A
100 Y FreeJocelyn Iliff13Tule Nation Tritons1:20.61N/A
100 Y FreeEvan Jin9Tule Nation Tritons1:22.64B
100 Y FreeCamilla Mackey12Tule Nation Tritons1:22.67N/A
100 Y FreeArleah Cruz17Tule Nation Tritons1:22.99N/A
100 Y FreeTrey Pursell12Tule Nation Tritons1:26.91N/A
100 Y FreeAda Maher9Tule Nation Tritons1:28.95B
100 Y FreeKhloe Krumpelman9Tule Nation Tritons1:42.34N/A
100 Y IMHayden Cardoza12Tule Nation Tritons1:12.39BB
100 Y IMEmma Taylor11Tule Nation Tritons1:15.83BB
100 Y IMKaitlyn Bean11Tule Nation Tritons1:18.89B
100 Y IMMalachi Lewis12Tule Nation Tritons1:23.62N/A
100 Y IMCarter Christenson10Tule Nation Tritons1:23.76BB
100 Y IMCamryn Weber12Tule Nation Tritons1:25.19N/A
100 Y IMTitus Lewis10Tule Nation Tritons1:28.05BB
100 Y IMStella Pack11Tule Nation Tritons1:29.08N/A
100 Y IMGabbi Castro11Tule Nation Tritons1:29.24N/A
100 Y IMMadison Bean9Tule Nation Tritons1:29.69BB
100 Y IMAllison Tos10Tule Nation Tritons1:34.14B
100 Y IMNoa Martin9Tule Nation Tritons1:42.87N/A
100 Y IMTrey Pursell12Tule Nation Tritons1:43.66N/A
100 Y IMCamilla Mackey12Tule Nation Tritons1:47.69N/A
100 Y IMAda Maher9Tule Nation Tritons1:49.92N/A
200 Y FreeAddison McCullough15Tule Nation Tritons2:04.55A
200 Y FreeMia Buller17Tule Nation Tritons2:07.09A
200 Y FreeIvan Rodriguez13Tule Nation Tritons2:10.19BB
200 Y FreeMia Delatorre12Tule Nation Tritons2:26.56BB
200 Y FreeAubree Carlock11Tule Nation Tritons2:28.18BB
200 Y FreeKaitlyn Bean11Tule Nation Tritons2:29.67B
200 Y FreeLily Lewis13Tule Nation Tritons2:30.81B
200 Y FreeMalachi Lewis12Tule Nation Tritons2:38.27N/A
200 Y FreeTitus Lewis10Tule Nation Tritons2:39.59BB
200 Y IMAddison McCullough15Tule Nation Tritons2:21.15A
200 Y IMIvan Rodriguez13Tule Nation Tritons2:28.87B
200 Y IMRylee Umscheid12Tule Nation Tritons2:42.01BB
200 Y IMPeyton Martin11Tule Nation Tritons2:45.94BB
200 Y IMKhloe Krumpelman9Tule Nation Tritons3:58.50N/A
50 Y BackRegan Hildreth12Tule Nation Tritons32.42A
50 Y BackEmma Taylor11Tule Nation Tritons35.98B
50 Y BackCamryn Weber12Tule Nation Tritons37.22B
50 Y BackGabbi Castro11Tule Nation Tritons39.51N/A
50 Y BackMalachi Lewis12Tule Nation Tritons39.51N/A
50 Y BackCamilla Mackey12Tule Nation Tritons45.05N/A
50 Y BackNoa Martin9Tule Nation Tritons47.88N/A
50 Y BackAda Maher9Tule Nation Tritons50.51N/A
50 Y BackEvan Jin9Tule Nation Tritons51.31N/A
50 Y BackDiego Hernandez9Tule Nation Tritons1:00.09N/A
50 Y BackMya Figallo9Tule Nation Tritons1:06.33N/A
50 Y BackJohn Coelho8Tule Nation Tritons1:26.01N/A
50 Y BreastRegan Hildreth12Tule Nation Tritons32.92AAA
50 Y BreastDominic Bidart12Tule Nation Tritons36.67BB
50 Y BreastPeyton Martin11Tule Nation Tritons39.49BB
50 Y BreastCarter Christenson10Tule Nation Tritons41.62BB
50 Y BreastKaitlyn Bean11Tule Nation Tritons41.91B
50 Y BreastAllison Tos10Tule Nation Tritons44.92BB
50 Y BreastStella Pack11Tule Nation Tritons45.70N/A
50 Y BreastMadison Bean9Tule Nation Tritons46.70BB
50 Y BreastTitus Lewis10Tule Nation Tritons47.92B
50 Y BreastNoa Martin9Tule Nation Tritons48.17B
50 Y BreastJames Prince9Tule Nation Tritons51.55B
50 Y BreastCharlie Pack8Tule Nation Tritons56.59N/A
50 Y BreastDiego Hernandez9Tule Nation Tritons1:05.45N/A
50 Y FlyRegan Hildreth12Tule Nation Tritons30.75A
50 Y FlyHayden Cardoza12Tule Nation Tritons31.25A
50 Y FlyAubree Carlock11Tule Nation Tritons32.06BB
50 Y FlyRylee Umscheid12Tule Nation Tritons33.41BB
50 Y FlyPeyton Martin11Tule Nation Tritons36.09B
50 Y FlyStella Pack11Tule Nation Tritons37.37N/A
50 Y FlyMadison Bean9Tule Nation Tritons37.51BB
50 Y FlyMalachi Lewis12Tule Nation Tritons40.14N/A
50 Y FlyCamilla Mackey12Tule Nation Tritons40.54N/A
50 Y FlyTitus Lewis10Tule Nation Tritons41.52B
50 Y FlyTrey Pursell12Tule Nation Tritons47.56N/A
50 Y FlyEvan Jin9Tule Nation Tritons47.90N/A
50 Y FlyKhloe Krumpelman9Tule Nation Tritons50.06N/A
50 Y FlyAda Maher9Tule Nation Tritons50.23N/A
50 Y FlyDiego Hernandez9Tule Nation Tritons59.22N/A
50 Y FlyJohn Coelho8Tule Nation Tritons59.62N/A
50 Y FreeJosh Wee16Tule Nation Tritons22.90AA
50 Y FreeGeorge Sepeda17Tule Nation Tritons23.78A
50 Y FreeKody Kevorkian17Tule Nation Tritons26.18B
50 Y FreeAddison McCullough15Tule Nation Tritons26.44A
50 Y FreeMia Buller17Tule Nation Tritons26.63A
50 Y FreeRegan Hildreth12Tule Nation Tritons27.19AA
50 Y FreeDominic Bidart12Tule Nation Tritons27.87A
50 Y FreeHayden Cardoza12Tule Nation Tritons28.25A
50 Y FreeEmma Taylor11Tule Nation Tritons29.60BB
50 Y FreeMorgan Darpli13Tule Nation Tritons29.81BB
50 Y FreeZachary Hofer13Tule Nation Tritons29.83B
50 Y FreeMia Delatorre12Tule Nation Tritons30.50BB
50 Y FreeIsabella Klawitter17Tule Nation Tritons30.58B
50 Y FreeCamryn Weber12Tule Nation Tritons33.16B
50 Y FreeStella Pack11Tule Nation Tritons34.23N/A
50 Y FreeMadison Bean9Tule Nation Tritons35.53B
50 Y FreeArleah Cruz17Tule Nation Tritons36.64N/A
50 Y FreeAbby Rodriguez13Tule Nation Tritons36.65N/A
50 Y FreeAllison Tos10Tule Nation Tritons37.70B
50 Y FreeDylan Price13Tule Nation Tritons38.88N/A
50 Y FreeNoa Martin9Tule Nation Tritons39.04N/A
50 Y FreeCharlie Pack8Tule Nation Tritons39.88N/A
50 Y FreeJames Prince9Tule Nation Tritons44.53N/A
50 Y FreeDiego Hernandez9Tule Nation Tritons45.48N/A
50 Y FreeJohn Coelho8Tule Nation Tritons50.40N/A
50 Y FreeMya Figallo9Tule Nation Tritons56.69N/A
Things to know
These are not official results!
In the case that there are preliminary and final, we only keep one best record for each swimmer.
We use standard age groups to separate the meet results, like 8 & under, 9-10, 11-12,13-14, 15-16, and 17-18, which may not be the correct grouping used by the meet.